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Frequently Asked Questions

Are transport costs included in the price?

Yes, transport costs within continental EU and Switzerland are included in the price of Student, Standard and Professional kits. Shipments to UK and Ireland are included only in the price of Standard and Professional kit, in the case of Student kit, transport surcharges will be calculated individually. 

Shipment costs to non-European countries will be determined individually.

Transport cost for Testkit are approximately 20 EUR within continental EU and 30 EUR into Switzerland, UK and Ireland. 

When can I expect the delivery of the kit?

As the producer of the kits, we routinely have most items in stock and we usually strive to despatch the kits within 3 business days after a receiving your order. 

Can the experiments be incorporated into the curricullum?

Yes. The kits were designed primarily with regard to the curriculum. One of the main goals of the Chemistry and Light project is to use experiments to illustrate the curriculum that is commonly taught at elementary and secondary schools. In the instruction card, you'll find a thematic list of topics linked to each experiment.

Can the experiments be performed by students?

Yes, especially the kit Student is primarily intended for primary and secondary school students. The experiments provided by the kit Student are easy to implement and create an illustrative and fun hands-on experience that helps to understand the curriculum and diversify the lessons.

What are the main differences between the kits?

The kit Student is primarily designed as a compact student kit that you can integrate into chemistry classroom and laboratory activities at elementary and secondary schools.

The kit Standard is a middle capacity set that expands the experiment portfolio of the kit Student both with regard to the selection of experiments as well as their capacity.

The kit Professional is a comprehensive and high-capacity set that greatly expands the the portfolio of the kit Student.

In the kit Professional, you'll find a complete set of the most exciting experiments that are related to chemistry and light and that will certainly fascinate most students, including the teacher himself. The kit contains the chemicals in large scale, providing an ample capacity for experiments.

What is the time demand of the experiments?

Most experiments from the kits are designed to allow the students to prepare the experiment, conduct it briefly and evaluate it in one hour of laboratory lessons. However, a great number of experiments can be done quickly and easily as an enrichment of chemistry lessons with minimal time-consuming preparation (minutes).

Is a laboratory required or is it possible to carry out experiments in a common classroom?

All experiments from the kit Student can be done in a normal classroom without the need for a hood. Some experiments are very suitable for outdoor activities (photochemical blueprinting-cyanotypes).

Can the experiments be connected to related subjects?

Yes. The experiments with the photosynthesis are linked to biology, while the experiments with cyanotypes can find their way into art education.

Are instructions included for each experiment?

For each experiment, there is a comprehensible instruction card where you can find a list of chemicals, tools required to carry out the experiment, description of the curriculum framework, a detailed procedure and a brief theoretical explanation of the observations.

Besides these student instruction cards, a separate card containing methodological notes for teachers is provided for each experiment. The aim of these cards is to make it easier for students and teachers to prepare and conduct the experiments. In addition to these cards, the teacher is provided with a manual that covers the individual topics of the kit in more depth.

What is the capacity of the kits?

You will find the list of separate experimental modules as well as their capacity listed at each kit description.

Do the kits contain descriptions for proper handling and storage of the chemicals?

Yes. The compounds are packaged according to the latest CLP guidelines (classification, labelling and packaging of compounds and their mixtures). Each item in the kit has its own Material Safety Data Sheet which you can download in the client section on the webpage. The guidelines for the proper storage of the chemicals are to be found on each label as well as in the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets. 

If I consume one chemical earlier than the rest of the kit, do I have to buy a new kit?

No. Customers who already bought a kit Student, Standard or Professional before, can buy any component of the kit at a moderate price.

What if I have more questions?

The enclosed cards with methodological notes shall provide troubleshooting for most commonly encountered problems. Should you have more questions, you can contact us via email, online chat on the web page or if urgent by the phone.

Do you provide bonuses or discounts for larger orders?

Yes. We have a bonus system for the kit Student – see more info at the kit description. Larger orders can be treated individually.

Why do we need to know the VAT ID?

VAT ID means Value Added Tax Identification Number. If you provide us VAT ID of your organization, the price of kits is without Tax (VAT). Customers without VAT ID leave the field in the order form blank and their price of kits will be calculated with 21% Tax (VAT).