About the company

The company CF Plus Chemicals s.r.o. (www.cfplus.cz) was founded in 2014 in Brno, Czech Republic as an ETH Zurich spin-off mainly focused on commercialisation of the results of the dissertation thesis of its founder, Dr. Václav Matoušek. The main domain is organofluorine chemistry and chemistry of hypervalent iodine compounds, especially Togni reagents.

If you are interested, you can read more about this chemistry here: http://www.cfplus.cz/togni-reagents/

We are aware of the fact that a stable, long-term interest of young people for natural sciences (this is especially valid for chemistry) cannot be secured without appropriate popularisation. We also believe that today´s chemistry popularisators cannot rely only on experiments, even if they are very attractive. The experiment should be not only visually appealing, but it should also show its relevance and connection to other contexts and previously acquired subject matter. Only in this way it can kindle a lasting and deep interest in the subject.

The topic that we chose and where we have a lot of previous experience in popularisation is luminescence. Based on this topic, we created a school didactic kit called “Chemistry and Light”.