Frequently Asked Questions

Are transport costs included in the price?

It depends what country the kits will be shipped to. Shipments to Poland, Hungary, Germany and Austria are included in the price for Economy, Standard and Professional kits.

Shipments to other EU-countries are free for Standard and Professional kits.

Shipments to non-EU countries will be treated individually, please contact us for details of shipment conditions.

If I consume one chemical earlier than the rest of the kit, do I have to buy a new kit?

Absolutely not, you can buy any part of the kit for moderate prices. (Only valid for customers who already bought a kit before)

Can a sponsor buy me the kit?
If you find a sponsor for a kit, we can put their logo and name to all printed materials (all labels, manual and the mind map).

Are the experiments suitable for students?

  • The chemiluminescence experiments can be performed by students only with diluted hydrogen peroxide and when using proper safety equipment, otherwise only teachers and other trained personnel can do the experiments
  • The experiments with fluorescent hydrogels can be done by students
  • Pyroluminescence experiments can be done only by the teacher or by a trained personnel
  • Recommended use: classroom experiments done by the teacher
  • Cyanotype experiments can be performed by students

I bought a lower version of the kit, I would like to try the higher versions, can I just buy the upgrade?

Yes, upon paying the price difference, you will be sent the upgrade to a higher version (and receive a discount).